Utah Ruby User Group (URUG)

In Utah? Like Ruby? This is the place.

Hah! I see what you did there!

SLC Open Mic

Tonight the meeting was a Free Hackers Union style open mic session. If you haven’t tried it before then you haven’t lived. Here are most of the discussion topics we had:

Service Locator (gist) – Jake
some fun gosu apps (github) – Matt
lessons learned about tropo (Mark’s blog article) – Mark
rubymine magic – Mark
A rails 3.1 experience so far – Brandon
facebook app url obfuscator – Eric
using jekyll to update your utruby user page – Jake
using ‘mirah’ and driod-views to build an Andriod app – Scott
the heart of IRB hacking – Chris
rails 3 generators – Mike

Next month topic ideas:

Ruby class scope
rack apps and middleware