Utah Ruby User Group (URUG)

In Utah? Like Ruby? This is the place.

Hah! I see what you did there!

Utah Valley Meeting for Dec. 13, 2011

UV.rb and SLC.rb joined forces for December and truly brought it this evening. If your mind wasn’t blown, it was because you were not in attendance.

We had an outstanding turnout, thanks to everyone who showed up!

Mike Moore offered a primer with code examples demonstrating the subtleties in using blocks, procs, lambdas, and Proc.new in Ruby.

Chris Smith wants to remind us all that it’s AJAJ (for JSON), not AJAH (for HTML). and he did so with deftness, and an extremely cool interactive slideshow. He demonstrated Eco templates for serving If you wondered why you should care about not serving HTML through AJAX requests, wonder no more.

Brian Johnson offered a fantastic overview of the TorqueBox project and using it to serve highly scalable JRuby Rack apps on the JBoss platform.

Things got interesting when Brandon Dewitt, core contributor to competing project Trinidad, got into the mix, and we had a lively (yet friendly) discussion about the state of developing and deploying in JRuby.

Tad Thorley asked us first to consider the disembodied head of DHH, then to consider the benefits of using Spine.js with Rails. He demonstrated a lovely app that integrates Spine with Rails to create a really cool Google Maps example app.

If you didn’t come out to this URUG or live stream it via our Ustream feed, you won’t want to miss it again. Thanks to everyone for being such a great community, and for sharing your knowledge & passion with the rest of us!

<3 Utah Rubyists