Utah Ruby User Group (URUG)

In Utah? Like Ruby? This is the place.

Hah! I see what you did there!

Utah Valley Meeting for June 12, 2012

A record number of people came out for this month’s UV.rb, and they couldn’t have picked a better month. This meeting’s talks and topics were absolutely top-notch from start to finish. Our thanks to EmpowerIT for sponsoring, and to MoneyDesktop for providing the space and raffling off prizes!

Allen “Max” Maxwell taught an introductory, but thorough, lesson on callbacks in Rails, and ways you can use them to enhance security on your site.

Mike Moore knocked our socks off with a version of his RailsConf talk on Presenters and Decorators in Rails. He shared the concept of PDD (Pain-Driven Development) as the basis for refactoring complex view code into manageable, testable presenter objects.

Jason Staten wants you to know that “Polling is for chumps.” We can do better, with Server-Side Events (using standard HTTP) or WebSockets for realtime server-client event-based communication. His slide deck was even Websockets-driven, pushing slide transitions to anyone viewing as he flipped from slide to slide in the presentation.

If you weren’t there, the bad news is that you missed a truly enlightening and memorable meeting. The good news is that the meeting was being taped, and once it’s edited, we’ll post it here.

Thank you, URUG, for another wonderful gathering!